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Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes of preparation, the time it really took to present the most memorable two and a half hours of moments in our lives.

We humbly thank everyone for the unlimited support that you have given to us. May God’s blessing be upon you always.

Up to $10,085.97 was raised at our concert last Saturday. With the overwhelming but positive response from our audience and the public, we have decided to extend our donation period to Sunday 17 October 2015!

So, this is your last chance to help our brothers and sisters in Desa Lokong for access clean water – a fundamental necessity which should be enjoyed by the world

Donations, whether it be big or small, will be accepted and can be transferred to ICYO’s bank account as follows:


Thank you once again for your love and support and may God bless you all always!





Timelapse Video credit: Om Hengki Setiawan

This year, our charity project is dedicated to our brothers and sisters who reside in Desa Lokong. Desa Lokong is a remote village in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, and has limited and insufficient access to clean water which is essential for their daily activities. Their current source of water requires the villagers to walk for 500m and climb down a 200m cliff in order to collect fresh water. This way of living is considered normal in East Nusa Tenggara, where they have one of the lowest GDP growths – a fifth of the Indonesian average, and one sixteenth of Jakarta’s GDP per capita1.

1Taken from the publication of Reserve Bank Australia: The Growth and Development of the Indonesian Economy.

For more information about the event, please contact the person(s) below: